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"I came out of it... from being a victim to now being victorious through all the challenges that life presented to me. I was given another opportunity to get it right and to help others in the community with the same struggles."

-Cheryl Blunt-


Cheryl Blunt, Founder
Kids Retreat Family Non-Profit Corporation

Personal Development & Business Coach


Owner/Operator of Kids Retreat, LLC Childcare

Founder of Kids Retreat Family Corporation Nonprofit

I Came Out Of It


As a young child, coming from a broken home, I was thrust into the real world of drugs, sex trafficking, prostitution, and addictions at the young age of 12. 


I desperately needed guidance as a child growing up and as an adult healing from the trauma of my childhood. Being lost to how to begin to rebuild my life, I started therapy and began my own healing journey.


Telling my story and wanting to help others with their journey to rebuild, became my life’s purpose. It put me on a journey to start Kids Retreat Childcare and Kids Retreat Family Corporation Nonprofit. 


Our goal and mission for Kids Retreat Family is to be a guide and a helper for Women, Children, and Families to help assist them in making a positive transition and creating a healthy living environment, from the traumas that they have endured.


We provide guidance, mentoring, training, resources, and assistance to help them get to a place of balance and serenity in their life’s. 

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